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Spiritual Time Blocking is all about developing the harmony, clarity and balance of the "inner self".

Our lives are typically cluttered with "to-do" lists for about anything and everything imaginable. Time goes fast one day and takes seemingly forever the next.

Some believe "all we have is time". In fact, time is the one part of our lives that can never be reclaimed. The clock begins at birth and ends when our physical bodies have run out of time.

Somewhere in the middle of birth and physical extinction is a knowing that there is a part of our lives that transcends all other parts of our lives. There is a gentle quietness within that allows us to achieve amazing things.

Spiritual Time Blocking is developing your natural gifts to maximize spiritual awareness and uniqueness.
TBT-U teaches students the art and science of how to apply Spiritual Blocking to their schedules and create harmony and balance in their life.