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Get Organized Time Blocking is a wholistic 360 degree look at all aspects of your life. This is the view from 50,000 feet looking down at the more broad spectrum of how your world looks today. 

It is often easy to get trapped into segments of your life that are not meeting your true goals and objectives in so many categories. You need the right tools to look at the more global picture of what's going on in your life.

Understanding the elements of Get Organized Time Blocking will allow you to formulate a coherent and realistic approach towards getting to where you need to be. Just as there are no two people exactly identical, it is important to understand the relationships of everything that is going on in your life based upon your dreams and desires.

Get Organized Time Blocking is one of the biggest steps and leaps forward encompassing all aspects of your life.
TBT-U teaches students the art and science of how to apply Get Organized Time Blocking to their schedules and add more "organization" to their life.