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Outsourcing is all about a strategic alliance with TimeBlock Tools. Learning the best practices to manage critical and non-critical areas of your life.

Everyone outsources: babysitting, eating out, lawncare, hair styling, carpet cleaning, laundry, tax preparation, etc. The key is knowing which offer the biggest return on investment.

Understanding your Personal Interest Value and Productive Output Value will help you ascertain when you should outsource a task. The lower the interest level or ability to tackle a project will help you determine whether or not outsourcing makes sense.

The fact remains that there are only so many hours in a day and so many days to your week. Knowing how to get the biggest bang for the return on investment is vital.

You should outsource most tasks that are not a part of your highest interest level or ability for your business. Likewise, if you wish to maximize your non-working time, consider the skills and interest you have to barter or swap chores with others.

Outsourcing is as much an art as it is a science TimeBlock Barter can help you! (see details)

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